Kwaliteit is een belangrijk onderdeel binnen Heibel. Samenwerken met al onze collega's is dat ook! Afgelopen 9 december hebben we beide zaken weten te combineren in de eerste echte Heibel Quality Day. Ons volledige team van Digital Nomads is samen aan de slag gegaan met Research & Development, MODX Updates, nieuwe innovaties, het oplossen van bugs, proces optimalisatie en "Getting Things Done". 

Uiteraard was het onmogelijk om iedereen fysiek bij elkaar te krijgen, ook gezien de geldende Covid-19 restricties. Dit hebben we opgelost door de hele dag door een livestream aan te bieden waar iedereen een onderdeel van was. Om het teamgevoel en de saamhorigheid van deze dag nog verder te versterken hebben we voor alle collega's een lunch geregeld. In Nederland én in Rusland.

De punten die we hebben opgepakt tijdens deze Quality Day worden hieronder benoemd en toegelicht. In het Engels, ook gezien de samenwerking met onze buitenlandse collega's.


Since we were getting things done, I'm proud to say that we finished quite a lot of to-dos. And we started even more. In a nutshell:

  • Over time, it is possible that some unused MODX Extras that have been used in our products the past, no longer are needed or outdated. We inventoried all these MODX Extras and started deleting those that aren't used anymore.
  • On some installations there were issues with a missing Robots.txt file. Ofcourse for Search Engine Optimization purposes this should be working correctly. We found all the missing or incorrect files and fixed all of them.
  • We created a placeholder page for domains that we store for our clients. These domains don't contain their own website or redirect and therefor it is just a missing link. So, if you ever see a page that tells you that a certain domain has been registrated for a client of ours. That's the page that we created on this day. 


  • We are using SiteDash quite a lot for monitoring the products that we build. This flagged some issues and we resolved these. Besides that, it is possible to update MODX Extras or complete installations through the SiteDash platform. We ran a few of these updates and everything worked like a charm.
  • For alot of our communication we use Hubspot. We keep track of all the Service Desk request here, and the entire Sales process is located here too. Some of our colleagues dove into this to make sure that all the (client) data that is there, is still accurate. Ofcourse, we don't want to be contacting people at clients that no longer work there. Also, we are shifting our Sales Process a bit in 2021. Therefore changes need to be made in Hubspot.
  • We have our very own Intranet that we use for storing processes, information about tools and software that we use, or how to install the printer if it stopped working. In the past few months we stopped using quite a few tools and this caused the information on our Intranet to be slightly outdated. We've gone through all the items and it is now a 100% complete and accurate!
  • We updated the welcome-page that everyone sees when they are trying to login into their MODX Manager. Besides that it now looks way better and contains a link to our Knowledge Database, we are also working on adding a feature that customers can login by using their Google account, in upcoming updates this screen will become more and more visible.


  • In the past couple of years we’ve moved around quite a bit with Heibel. Since there are still websites that date back to the early days, these still had a very old address on their Colophon page. We updated them all to match one parent file that is located on our own website. If this changes, all the Colophon pages should update too.
  • Since our colleague Gauke Pieter is some kind of MODX wizard and has access to the core files of MODX, he started with fixing weird translations inside the MODX Manager. In the few examples that he shared with me, it almost looked like “they” just ran the entire English text file through Google Translate and pasted it back into the Dutch version of MODX. A lot of these translations now have been fixed.


There you have it. We sure did get things done. But we aren’t nearly done, for there are still quite a few items on the list that need our ongoing attention. Such as creating/adding Rich Snippets to our base theme and continue improving all the issues that SiteDash continues to find. Also the Account Based Selling process in Hubspot needs to be finalized, but the final steps depend on the outcome of a meeting between Heibel and Sterc.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this Quality Day. We already have some ideas for this event in the future. Do you like to work with MODX and think that we can improve it? Feel free to contact us and you might even be able to join our next session.


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